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Booth Promotions 2017

Let's face it, at every trade show, vendors spend millions of dollars on merchandise with their logos to hand out to prospects at their booth that customers don’t want and your employees hate to drag around. Why not change a child’s life instead?

ROI Tradeshow Promo Solution...

Let the analysts and press of RetailROI help drive traffic to your booth.

We do Booth Promotions for a variety of vendors. Specifically, we ask for a commitment of $7,500 to do a promotion. Since these are about high level decision makers and influencers visiting your booth over another, we limit the number so as not to overwhelm the retailers. Your promotion will be specifically tied to an ROI project and our constituent of analysts and press will help promote your booth. Your max donation is capped at $7,500. We help put together a compelling offer based on the ROI project you choose.

Each promotion is tied to an ROI project.

Here are some some choices for 2017:

  1. Computer labs in Dominican Republic, Peru, Brazil, or Cambodia
  2. Outfit 10 new classrooms with desks, chalkboards, resources in Haiti
  3. Help pay for border monitor station to help rescue girls out of sex trafficking between Nepal and India.
  4. Vocational training for women girls rescued from sex trafficking
  5. Help 7 children get adopted in the US by expediting through court system
  6. Build a house for family in Haiti
  7. Help 5 children get adopted in Ukraine through domestic adoption
  8. Clean water project for community in Uganda
  9. Vocational training in computers, carpentry, cosmetology at RetailROI School in Liberia.
  10.  English language training for non-english speakers.
    1. Increases career potential by 800%

Your offer includes promotion in over 150,000 emails, tweeted by press and analysts each day of the show, and we will present the offer from the stage at SuperSaturday. Your booth promotion also includes one attendee for SuperSaturday and a case study when results come in from the projects so you can continue the PR for the full year.

See the impact of one of last year’s booth promotions.

For more information, contact Greg Buzek at greg(at)retailroi.org or +1.615.-591.2955