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Charity Locator for Overstock Merchandise Donation

Retailers, the database included on this page is designed to identify charities in your local area that would accept overstocked merchandise as a donation, thus freeing your individual stores of the merchandise in exchange for a donation receipt that could be used for tax purposes. Simply enter your address or zipcode and the system will return 3 or more charities that serve vulnerable children or women at risk in your local area that you can call.

Donate Overstocks Through This Charity Lookup

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Good Business

Why do this?

1) Nationwide, retailers have over $65Billion worth of products that are in a clearance or residual phase that are cluttering stores and in the way of the items that are really selling well.

2) Most of this merchandise is in local stores, in smaller lots and various sizes.  Retailers pay continually to mark down items at a loss or ship them to liquidators...so a great portion of labor and additional resources are spent on the products that are NOT selling rather than on customers and profitable items.

3) This program provides an outlet for retailers to donate the items for a tax receipt, helping children and women in need in the community, creating a bond locally and expanding brand awareness for you as a retailer...all the while letting you focus your labor and efforts on the products that are selling and the next season of merchandise.

Please note, we have put this list together based on well known charity databases, which have verified that these charities had 501c3 charity status with the IRS at one time. We recommend you request a copy of the 501c3 letter for each charity along with the receipt for items donated to make sure the charity remains in good standing with the IRS at the time of your donation.

Finally, if you are a charity that is wanting to be considered for this program, we welcome you to register here.  Or if you are a retailer or citizen wanting us to consider a charity for inclusion, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the website.

Finally, if you are a charity that is wanting to be considered for this program, we welcome you to register here.