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Ebola Relief

As you know Ebola has ravaged West Africa. RetailROI is working with partners on the ground in Liberia and partners here in the US for shipping critical items, most of these manufactured and sold here in the US but very rare or prohibitively expensive in the region.

These are low overhead, very efficient partners who we have worked with for several years on clean water/orphan care projects. Some have received great media coverage in the last few days. We now have a reliable way of shipping materials and are working specifically with lists from the Liberia Minister of Health and these organizations to procure and distribute.

Why is this critical? Because of these partners and others, the incident rate of new cases has dropped in the areas they are working by over 90%. But they need critical supplies that are available/sold by many retailers here in the US. And then funds to ship the containers which cost about $7,000 to ship the containers.

These organizations are also adding more orphan homes to care for the more than 3,400 children who have already been orphaned due to Ebola in the region.


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  Funds used for immediate needs on ground and shipping. Individuals and companies   This is list of merchandise we are looking to have donated by retailers/manufacturers   For retailers or manufacturers who want to get involved in donating materials   Click here to sign up for different ways to help

Click below to see webinar recording of launch call. Ideal for Press, Retailers, Product Manufacturers, and individuals.

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Links to Ebola Relief Information:

Links to Some Ebola Media Coverage

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More Articles/Resources on Liberia:

Together we can make a HUGE difference.

This is the type of thing that Retail is best suited for and why RetailROI was created. By donating product at your cost rather than after markup, we can most efficiently meet this need and help slow/eliminate this wicked disease and save thousands of lives.
Thank you.