United States


  • Population: 314.31 M
  • Total GDP: 15.61 Trillon
  • GDP per person: $50,000
  • Orphans: 400,000



Latest News from RetailROI US Projects & Trips

Out of State Care, Into Families

It’s a sad fact that a lack of resources can create hurdles that are hard to overcome in any situation. In the case of adoption and foster care, these hurdles can be absolutely devastating, leaving children without permanent caregivers, simply because of the lack of...

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The Children’s Law Center

RetailROI supports an amazing organization right here in the United States called The Children's Law Center. They help help offset adoption costs and expedite them through the system. ROI just learned they recently finalized 3 more adoptions. That is now 270 kids that...

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Different Like You

RetailROI & SAP Start Mentoring Program in Ohio Newspapers and social media are riddled with stories of childhood bullying, fights, substance abuse, and suicides, most of them centered around people who are different. Differences in appearance, ethnicity, physical...

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Citizen Schools

  RetailROI partners with Citizen Schools to close the opportunity gap in the US In many parts of the world, access to education is a primary challenge. In the US, however, access isn’t the problem, lack of connection is – connection to communities, companies, and...

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Cameras for Kids

RetailROI and Cameras for Kids empower foster children to change their world through photography.

Perspective. In concrete terms, perspective refers to the technique used to represent an object spatially; in abstract terms, it’s a mental point of view or the capacity to view things in their relative importance. For photography, these are two sides of the same coin – using a concrete medium to see the bigger picture…..

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To find out more about Cameras for Kids, go to www.camerasforkidsfoundation.org

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RetailROI and 4Kids of Tampa Help Modern-Day Orphans

On any given day in the United States, more than 530,000 children are in foster care. These temporary orphans, often victims of abuse or neglect, are removed from their homes with little more than the clothes on their backs. In Tampa Bay, Florida, alone, over 2,000 children a year are in some sort of protective care.

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