Booth Promotions 2018

Let’s face it, at every trade show, vendors spend millions of dollars on merchandise with their logos to hand out to prospects at their booth that customers don’t want and your employees hate to drag around. In a world where airlines are charging $25 to check a bag, are prospects really going to carry back another water bottle, USB drive, coozie or stress ball? Why not change a child’s life instead?

ROI Tradeshow Promo Solution…

Why not save that wasted money and let the analysts and press of RetailROI help drive traffic to your booth, and Save a Life instead?r.

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What about your company?

How might your company benefit from a partnership with RetailROI? Each of these options below can be customized for your specific company. You can craft it as a donation per badge swipe, a matching donation per $ donated at your booth, or a donation for each booth tour. Your choice. Additionally, you can direct whether the money will be used domestically or internationally to help children.

Your promotion can be customized specifically to your preference. Here are several specific opportunities:

 1) Clean water for an orphanage, so a sponsorship could provide clean water for up to 650 children.

 2) Education ends in 6th grade in many countries, a sponsorship would cover 38 kids to continue their education

 3) Health Audits and checkups for 650 children

 4) $300 pays for new computer or 3 tablets shipped with first world education as part of computing lab.  A sponsor could support 3 different locations

         5) $300 trains and approves 1 host family for Together for Good, keeping a child out of foster care with a potential return of on average $92,000 in                    state costs while keeping a family together.

 6) Provide salary for a teacher for a year.  This teacher will teach over 200 children through the course of the year.

 7) Provides adoption training for 150 US families interested in adoption.  Adoption is hard on family and having proper training going in greatly reduces trauma to child and the family.  We partner with Empowered to Connect on conferences to support families willing to adopt but need training.

 8) Vocational training for kids in computers, carpentry, home design, cosmetology.  In many countries, unemployment is over 70%.  This helps provide a marketable skill for orphan children once they age out of care.

9) $1,000 invested in Safe Families/Together for Good program here in the US can return $1.6m savings to government by helping to keep a child out of foster care.

 10) Provide computers to CCAI Foster Intern Program – Each year RetailROI partners with the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute and their foster youth intern program which brings in 17-20 foster kids aging out of the system to work as interns with the US Congress for the summer writing legislation.  This sponsorship would provide a computer for the kids that they would use during their internship but also be able to use to further their education or career.

       11) $300 allows for 10 special needs orphans to be placed in a loving foster family in their community, getting out of an orphanage.

       12)  A booth promotion provides complete support for  home of up to 40 children for year.  Pays for  meals, mentoring and access to education.


NRF Booth Promotions FAQ

Is my amount capped at the level listed or could it go higher?

Your amount is capped. Even if your offer is $250 for every retailer with a maximum of $7,500 if you get more than 30 it does not matter – you are capped at $7,500.

What is the going rate?

If your target is retailers, the going rate is $250 for 15 minutes of their time either at the show are in a phone call outside of the show. For analyst vendors and others you’re looking at between $40 and $7 per activity. That activity may be swiping a badge, sitting through a 10 to 15 minute video, or signing up for mailing list. The point here is to make your offer appealing when compared to others. But once again the amount you pay is always capped.

So how do I choose the project?

This is really dependent on your passion and that of your company. This is to help with education, computers, clothing or orphan care? You can be very flexible here. Some people want to do domestic only and we point us to Safe Families, 4Kids, KidSave and other organizations that work with foster kids or do foster care prevention. You can get more bang for the buck though in international because the dollar stretches a lot further. For instance we built an entire school for $30,000 in the country of Liberia. $75 will pay for months’ salary for a teacher. So this is really up to you as to which you want to do.

How are these promoted?

Between now and the NRF show we will send out at least 10 mailings via email just from the RetailROI side. Analysts such as Greg Buzek, Jeff Roster, a others will tweet the page for which the offers are set and it will be included in the Facebook page as well. This will also be repeated multiple times at the SuperSaturday event in the Retail Insiders Party. There is a mobile app as well that will be active during show where the offers will be. We will do direct e-mailings to top retailers as well to help drive traffic. We encourage you to include these offers in any of your promotional activities around NRF as well.

Can I use the RetailROI logo?

Yes, during the promotional period feel free to use the RetailROI logo to help promote your booth. That is the purpose. Send Logo request


To learn more, please contact us at  or (704) 728-6632.