June 1, 2017

RetailROI supports an amazing organization right here in the United States called The Children’s Law Center. They help help offset adoption costs and expedite them through the system. ROI just learned they recently finalized 3 more adoptions. That is now 270 kids that have found permanence through our partnership and your support!
A   P I C T U R E   I S   W O R T H   A   T H O U S A N D   W O R D S:
Check out the two photos to the right –   adoption #269 and #270. Each of these are extra special and here is why:
For adoption #269, this was the 2nd time we’d been able to help the mom (standing on the right in the picture.  The woman on the left holding the child is her sister) adopt kids that were related to her.   The boy in the picture is adoption #269, but back in July of 2015, for our 154th adoption, we helped the same mom adopt the older brother of #269.  Keeping kids together while in foster care – especially when with their relatives – is the next best thing to seeing them go home to mom.  So #154 and #269 have permanence thanks to you!
Similarly, when we did adoption #270, this was the 2nd time we’d helped this wonderful family as well.  You can see #270 seated in the judge’s chair… but the boy in dad’s arms?  He was adoption #173 back in September of 2015.  So again, here are two more kiddos who went into foster care together, but so often can get separated into different homes.  But not on our watch!  Thanks to the help of the RetailROI and other donors,  we were able to help this family provide permanence for kiddos #173 and his baby sister, #270.