• Population: 77,433,744
  • Total GDP: 27.66 B
  • GDP per person: $400
  • Orphans: Over 4 Million


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Congo Voice

Opportunity grows in Congo thanks to RetailROI and CongoVoice.

The Democratic Republic of Congo was once known as the breadbasket of Africa. Dissected by the Congo River, Congo is home to vast natural resources. Coffee, sugar, tea, cotton, bananas, cocoa, and peanuts all grow well here; and its mountains and hills are filled with copper, gold, diamonds, and cobalt…

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Let There Be Light…

At the NRF show, exhibiting vendor 360pi worked with RetailROI on a booth promotion to drive traffic to their booth. The idea was simple. For every retailer, press or analyst that visited their booth they would donate $$ to help build a solar electrical project in Congo.

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