Thank you for your interest in the Retail Orphan Initiative. To help streamline the requests that come in from this website we ask that you first review the materials online.

    • If you are a Charity and you are interested in Registering to be considered for a financial grant, please first click here to review the grant guidelines and application first.
    • If you are an Individual who wants to get involved, we are thrilled and happy to help you. We ask that you first review the various different ways to get involved. If you don’t find what you are looking for or want to specifically volunteer with RetailROI, please contact us with the form below.
    • If you work for a Business or want to be a company advocate, volunteer as part of one of the committees, donate overstocked materials, please contact us below with this form:

Below are the different ways to contact us.
For inquiries around charitable donations, receipts, grants or general questions, contact Jessica at

    • RetailROI
    • C/O Giving Back Fund
    • 5757 West Century Blvd, Suite 410
    • Los Angeles, CA 90045
    • FederalTaxID: 04-3367888
    • Contact: Jessica Duffaut
    • Phone: +1.310.649.5222
    • Email: jduffaut(at)

For specific questions around how to get involved, please use the submission inquiry below.


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