• Population: 8.2 Million
  • Total GDP: 18.32 Billion
  • GDP per person: $4,700
  • Orphans: 180,000


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Shark Tank, Honduras Style

Imagine a room buzzing with energy and ideas, excitement and nerves, a room full of budding entrepreneurs, all waiting for a turn to present their business ideas to a panel of retail industry leaders. In this room, dreams can be realized or sent back to the drawing board. If it sounds a lot like Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den, that’s because the setup is similar, but that’s where the similarities end.

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Why Haven’t You Gone on a Trip Yet?

I’ve gone to SuperSaturday several times. I’ve heard the stories told by people who have been on a trip. How life changing these trips are. Over time, I became friends with Andy Lehman (Vice President of LifeSong for Orphans, an ROI partner). One day over breakfast, Andy asked me, “So, why haven’t you gone on a trip, yet?” And, you know, I didn’t have a reason.

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Third Time’s A Charm

My 17-year-old daughter, Sydnee, and I just returned from our third trip with the Retail Orphan Initiative to Plan Escalon, a school for orphans and at-risk students in Honduras. It’s hard to believe that each trip seems to be just a little better than the one prior to it.

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Hesitation Leads to Gratification

I have been encouraged for years to join a RetailROI trip, but never found the time. In the spirit of full disclosure, the idea of traipsing thru the jungle wasn’t that appealing to me, and it was pretty easy to not find the time.

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Putting your skills and network to use to help kids.

Often charities work project to project, never knowing where the funding is going to come from and battling day to day priorities. The head of a charity often has the vision of where they want to go but lacks the plan to get there. That was true of what he saw the first time he went on a trip.

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The Real Value of Retail: The Power of A Few to Help Many

As you read this post you may experience a slight feeling of sadness, perhaps a little joy, or even a sense of purpose. But one thing I guarantee; whatever your reaction is, it isn’t in the realm of what 35 executives and their families felt during a five day journey to the center of Latin America in mid-July.

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Sometimes you need a splash of cold water in the face. Like most of us in the United States, I find myself complaining if one of the 250 cable channels does not come in clearly, or if the service on my smart phone isn’t up to par. And heaven forbid if my tea glass ever gets empty in a restaurant. And my 23-year old son often complained about a class or a professor while he was in university. But recently my son and I had the opportunity to really put those things into perspective.

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An Experience Like No Other – My visit to Honduras with Retail Orphan Initiative

It’s been four days since I landed back in the US from my trip to Honduras with the Retail Orphan Initiative (ROI). In some ways, the trip was what I expected — a high school where orphans are getting the best education available in Honduras (in large part, thanks to Lifesong and the Retail Orphan Initiative) and discussions about what we can continue to do to help the school and the students.

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