Join Us for the Next Generation Summit at

Next Generation Summit (limited to 35 people). For the last several years the attendees of SuperSaturday have brought their teens and young adults to learn more about RetailROI. We realized that although we have enjoyed their company and ideas about helping RetailROI, we have missed an opportunity to invest in our own kids with the incredible talent in the room.

So this year we are adding a parallel Youth Summit to the day.

For about half the day, the youth will learn from leadership experts Ron Thurston of Retail Fitness and Kelly Sayre of IHL Group along with many other retail leaders.

Topics will include mentoring, creating and casting vistion, networking skills, leadership skills, matching personality to career choice, college applications, and more.

This is no-cost for the kids (ages 16-25), but limited to the first 35 who are registered. (Note, the parents must be registered as a retailer, speaker, charity or vendor sponsor of SuperSaturday to participate.)


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