Every year millions of people enjoy playing a bracket for the NCAA basketball tournament. We thought, wouldn’t that be a blast to do that with a purpose? The RetailROI March Gladness pool has a purpose.

  • Play brackets with your friends
  • Win over 60 great prizes ranging from PCs to drones, to gift cards to top retailers
  • 100% of the proceeds helps a child in need.

This year we are partnering with CTRL ALT DEL Poverty, a charity birthed out of RetailROI that provides “internet in a box” computer labs for schools and orphan homes all over the world.  We hope to raise enough funds through March Gladness to fund computer labs for over 1,000 students.  Every bracket played means 3 kids get access to a computer lab.  That’s it…the cost per child is roughly $7.50.

$20 donation. Yes, that’s it! $20. Every bracket played helps. It’s that simple. Play below.   ***If you just want to donate and not play you can do that too by clicking the button below.***

For questions, first check out the FAQs tab.  Otherwise reach out at roimarchg(at)

When access to education is given the result can be extraordinary. Education can open doors that would have remained closed to many. New careers, new ideas, new hopes. The earning power of a person that can read and write skyrockets and could alter the trajectory of an entire family. Children develop the power to work toward dreams instead of only surviving. Adults find a world of opportunity they only hoped for before. Teachers can reach people that would have never been possible. The possibilities are endless if only the opportunity is given.  CTRL ALT DEL Poverty provides computer labs and internet education content in a self-contained environment where power and internet access is limited.  Access to internet and the content of the world is challenging when you do not have that door to open. At CADP we have worked to collect numerous offline copies of open source learning material that normally would be inaccessible to developing countries and undeserved locations. With packages like Khan Academy Lite, Wikipedia for Schools, Medline Plus and many more, each tablet in the METL kit gives the user access to a large amount of learning materials. All with no internet access needed. We can work with you to customize the material available and help you update as needs change.

Proceeds from March Gladness will provide for computer labs for over 1,000 students to have access to first world education in an environment where internet is not available.

March Gladness 2018 Prizes

  • $1,000 Amazon Gift Card – Amazon Web Services
  • $500 J Crew Gift Card – Pitney Bowes
  • $300 Visa Gift Card – ATOS
  • $275 Prize Package from Under Armour
  • $250 Nike Gift Card – Aptos
  • $200 Visa Debit Card – Sodexo
  • $200 Best Buy Gift Card – Accuvia
  • $200 Amazon Gift Card
  • $200 Orvis Gift Card – Orvis
  • $150 Simons Gift Card – Simons
  • $100 Visa Gift Card – Russell Brown
  • $100 American Express Gift Card – Anne Butfiloski
  • $100 Best Buy Gift Card – Accuvia
  • $100 Dick’s Sporting Goods – Balance Innovation
  • $100 Walmart Gift Card – Infovista
  • $100 Best Buy Gift Card – Jerry Sheldon
  • $100 Amazon Gift Card – AML
  • $100 Walmart Gift Card – Jerry Sheldon
  • $100 Amazon Gift Card – Luis Artiz
  • $100 Amazon eGift Card – Gary and Cheryl Sankary
  • $100 Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card – Retail TouchPoints
  • $100 Home Depot Gift Card – POS Global Concepts
  • $100 Lamps Plus Gift Card – Lamps Plus
  • $100 Shell Gift Card – IHL Group
  • $100 Dollar General Gift Card – Connie Driscoll & Associates
  • $100 Dick’s Sporting Goods – Balance Innovation
  • Kindle Paperwhite – Paul Wolf
  • HP Sprocket Photo Printer – Reflexis
  • $50 Best Buy Gift Card – Accuvia
  • $50 Journey’s Gift Card – Genesco
  • $50 GameStop Gift Card – Ed Collupy
  • $50 GameStop Gift Card – Jerry Sheldon
  • $50 Journey’s Gift Card – Genesco
  • $50 Journey’s Gift Card – Genesco
  • $50 La Madeleine Gift Card – C-CORE Consulting Group
  • $25 Best Buy Gift Card – Accuvia
  • $25 Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Card – IHL Group
  • $25 GameStop Gift Card – IHL Group
  • $25 Best Buy Gift Card – Accuvia
  • $25 Walgreens Gift Card – Walgreens
  • $25 GameStop Gift Card – IHL Group
  • $25 Walgreens Gift Card – Walgreens
  • $25 Best Buy Gift Card – Accuvia
  • $25 Lowe’s Gift Card – IHL Group
  • $25 Chili’s (Brinker) Gift Card – IHL Group
  • $25 Lowe’s Gift Card – IHL Group
  • $25 Best Buy Gift Card – Accuvia
  • $25 Best Buy Gift Card – Accuvia
  • $25 Best Buy Gift Card – Accuvia
  • $25 Starbucks Gift Card
  • $20 Best Buy Gift Card – Alvin Fortson
  • $20 Best Buy Gift Card – Alvin Fortson
  • $20 Chick Fil A Gift Card – IHL Group
  • $10 Chick Fil A Gift Card – IHL Group
  • Best Score going into Sweet 16 – $50 Home Depot Gift Card
  • Worst Score going into Sweet 16 (who has played a bracket) – $15 Subway Card


Make sure you understand the scoring. This pool REALLY rewards the underdogs you pick to continue to win. You get a point for the win PLUS the seed of the winning team in the second round. So if a #16 seed beats a #1 seed, you get 18 points for the win if you picked the #16 team in the first round. If that team continues to win again, you get 5+16 (21 points for second round). If you picked the #1 seed and they win, you only get 3 points in first round and 6 points in the second round.
*This seeded scoring continues through the entire game. You get the points for that round plus the seed number.

  • First Four: Play-in games are not included or scored (games before March 16th)
  • First Round: 2 pts + # of seed
  • Second Round: 5 pts + # of seed
  • Sweet 16: 11 pts + # of seed
  • Elite 8: 22 pts + # of seed
  • Final 4: 33 pts + # of seed
  • Championship: 65 pts + # of seed

HINT: pick your Sweet 16 and work backwards from there and pick upsets for teams not in your Sweet 16 – that should maximize your score if you picked the right Sweet 16 teams.

Can I pick my teams yet?

You can donate and register now and we will send you a link when the teams are picked on March 11th. At that time you have 4 days to complete your picks which must be picked by 12:15PM EST on Thursday the 15th.

If I play multiple brackets, can both win a prize?

You will win the Prize for the best bracket. The goal here is to help as many people win as possible, not give all the Prizes to one person. So even if you play 3 brackets, it is your best bracket that decides the Prize. There is an exception after the first weekend.  We have a prize for the best bracket going into the Sweet 16 and then the worst bracket.  You can win for two different brackets for these and the winning prizes

Is there anything special about the scoring?

Yes, there are different levels for each round. See the Rules & Scoring Page for details

Can we talk smack?

Yes, absolutely and that will be part of the fun. This will be monitored, so use respect. We may have younger age kids playing with their parent for fun so please use discretion. But if you want to talk company smack among friends, by all means go for it.

Are prizes only for the winners?

We are adding a couple of fun Prizes. There will be a Prize for the worst score after we get to the Sweet 16 and a Prize for the best score at that point. If there is a tie, we will throw the names in a hat and pick the winners.

What is tie-breaker for final?

We will use total points as the tiebreaker for the final games. This will be used for any ties for the top Prizes.

How will we be updated of progress?

After each round, login to your dashboard and you will see the latest results. Instructions are in the email you received when registered.

I don’t want to play, but can I contribute to this cause?

Yes, absolutely, simply go to our Donation Page. Enter March Gladness – Donation Only in project field and Thank You!

Is this a tax deduction?

If you play a bracket, no. Technically this would be entertainment. The point here is to have fun and help kids. If you need to be ultra competitive and win at all costs, skip it and play elsewhere. Our goal here is to give orphans home through simply $20 from each person. Together we can make a HUGE Difference.

What has March Gladness accomplished in previous years?

March Gladness - 2017

Last year we raised enough funds to help purchase a new van for My Friends House, a residential home for teen boys in foster care. Here is a picture of the van.

March Gladness - 2016

In 2016 we partnered with Care for Children an organization that works with governments to raise up foster families for special needs children that are stuck in orphanages. Since 2004 in China alone, Care for Children has helped place over 400,000 special needs children into loving foster homes.

March Gladness - 2015

Collegio de Tia Tatiana is a K-12 school in an extremely poor area of Santo Domingo serving the children of struggling and broken families who strive to meet basic needs such as daily food and clothing. The school is part of Vision Trust International’s global efforts to change the lives of over 17,000 children by creating healthy, hopeful and helpful conditions to thrive in. March Gladness will help fund a school makeover of classrooms for the school and a new sports field for the local orphanage in the same community.

March Gladness - 2014

RetailROI and Lydia Urban Academy

LYDIA Urban Academy is an accredited, non-traditional high school that provides a safe, nurturing environment for students who may have experienced academic adversity in the past. We believe in empowering youth through education, advocacy, and discipleship. Each class is designed using differentiated instruction based on student interests, readiness, learning styles, and social-emotional needs.

March Gladness 2013

We built a school in Cayes Jacmel, Haiti. For more information click here.

Thank you to all of the sponsors of RetailROI. Each of these companies either sponsored RetailROI this year or donated a prize for March Gladness. Thanks to all of you.