Why RetailROI Trips?

Deciding to attend a RetailROI trip is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Going from “I WANT to do something” to “I am GOING to do something” is a powerful thing. There is no video or words that can take the place of seeing for yourself the positive change we can make in the lives of these children.

You may be thinking “I don’t know what I can do on this trip …how I can help”. Be assured we need people with all kinds of skill sets as we are doing everything from unpacking boxes and handing out school supplies to installing networks and designing computer labs.

Each trip will have a trip orientation call to help make sure every attendee is comfortable and set clear expectations of what the goals are for each respective trip. Once you decide to attend a trip, you will be contacted by a RetailROI staff member to talk about next steps.

Each trip is with a charity that is established in the country we are visiting and that is very familiar with the customs, cultural norms in that area. They guide us to safely and effectively serve – maximizing the strengths of all that go on the trips.


Upcoming Trips

  • Zambia | June 23rd – 30th
    This trip will be with LifeSong for Orphans to visit their projects in Zambia that include a high school with RetailROI Computer Lab, a strawberry delivery and retail business to work with business team on operations and marketing, and to work with the kids. This trip will include a Safari and trip to Victoria Falls.  See previous trips
  • Haiti | Winter of 2018 – February 19-25th, Summer 2018, Fall 2018
    This will continue the leadership training with the staff and include our Youth to participate in programs with the kids, computer training,and outreach.  The summer trip will be ideal for out youth to join.  Each of the trips will include some painting of new homes for teachers, playing with the kids, and other activities as defined.  These are some of our most popular trips.  See previous trips
  • South Africa | May/June 2018
    This trip is to visit our computer lab with our partner LUO in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa and their school/after school program and brainstorm other solutions for the school to take it to next level. We will also visit the GLA Leadership high school, teach life skills and train technical computer skills/career experiences, mock interviews with kids. Includes Safari.  See previous trips
  • Ukraine | May 17th – 25th 
    This trip will be with LifeSong for Orphans and involve meeting older teen orphans and graduates building a variety of businesses.  We will lend business skills, encouragement, and training with orphans ranging in age from 3 – 20.
  • India | February 4th-11th
    This is trip is to work with LifeSong for Orphans projects in India.  This will involve everything from learning about the programs, the kids, adding computer training and other programs.
  • Liberia | July 17th-24th
    RetailROI currently has 5 different projects in Liberia that range from supporting 5 schools, 2 orphan homes and a nationwide program.  This trip will be to provide updates to computer technology, teaching in the vocational training, and viewing the progress on different building programs.  And LOTS of playing with the kids and catching up.
  • Peru | Early April
    Join us for an exciting trip to Ayacucho Peru to work in the developing learning centers to help deploy and educate kids and teachers on technology in the classroom. We are planning a side trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu follow the time with the kids. It is an incredible trip and will offer great times with the kids and great views from a mountain.
  • Dominican Republic | March 10-16th, November 9th – 14th |  Location: Santo Domingo and Cotui
    After multiple successes, we will continue the deployment of Mobile Educational Technology Labs to multiple locations, including 3 schools, an orphanage and a village learning center. This trip is now a “tradition” as it is an annual planned trip and we have more play time than work time. Visiting the kids of Remar orphanage and students at Tia Tatiana K-12 school. Along with technology deployments and updates, we will make cosmetic and infrastructure upgrades to the locations. BBQ with the kids, a few games of baseball, soccer and basketball, or just sit and learn about the amazing kids’ lives. This is a trip for anyone wanting to “get their feet wet” and catch fire to help all children. See previous trips
  • Honduras | Fall 2018
    Last year we re-instituted a trip to Honduras with partner Casita Copans.  This trip will continue the work there, include outreach at several homes and a visit to Mayan ruins in the area.
  • Ethiopia | February 18th-23rd
    4 years ago along with Lifesong for Orphans, RetailROI helped build a school and implement a computer lab.  This trip will provide an opportunity to update this technology and go deeper on the current needs of the program in Ethiopia.
  • Tanzania/Uganda | Summer 2018
    This will be an inaugural trip for RetailROI and will include new programs with Lifesong in the area as well as some bucket list items such as a safari.
  • Nepal | October 2018
    Nepal is a source, destination and transit country for trafficking — where it is estimated more than 15,000 women and girls a year are trafficked into Indian brothels. This Nepal trip will take participants to our Krishnanagar Border Monitoring Station — where over 1,000 women and girls have been rescued due to the continued support of Retail Orphan Initiative. We will also visit our Safe Home in Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, where up to 30 women and girls can experience restoration at one time. The trip will feature an undetermined service project to assist with the current needs of the community. The final focus of the trip is visiting the community of Chitwan. Here, Free for Life is setting up a vocational training home for survivors, and the beautiful land is home to one of the largest nature reserves in the country. Participants can have the unique opportunity to go on a safari and can even ride an elephant! This trip is a life-changing opportunity to see both tragedy and the beauty of freedom and restoration.

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