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Upcoming Trips

Deciding to attend a RetailROI vision trip is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Going from “I WANT to do something” to “I am GOING to do something” is a powerful thing. There is no video or words that can take the place of seeing for yourself the positive change we can make in the lives of these orphans.

You may be thinking “I don’t know what I can do on this trip …how I can help”. Be assured we need people with all kinds of skill sets as we are doing everything from unpacking boxes and handing out school supplies to installing networks and designing computer labs.

Each trip will have a trip orientation call to help make sure every attendee is comfortable and set clear expectations of what the goals are for each respective trip. Once you decide to attend a trip, you will be contacted by a RetailROI staff member to talk about next steps.

Each trip is with a charity that is established in the country we are visiting and that is very familiar with the customs, cultural norms in that area. They guide us to safely and effectively serve – maximizing the strengths of all that go on the trips.

Thank you for your consideration!

Upcoming Trips

  • Congo | TBD 2015
    In 2014 RetailROI funded a new solar electrical grid for a school and community in Congo. This trip is to review this project and begin vision casting how we can bring a hand up to this school with technology and business skills to make a difference in this country.
  • South Africa | Feb 2016 This trip is to visit and install a computer lab with our partner LUO in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa and their school/after school program. This trip will not only include the installation but will provide interaction with the children and an opportunity to see and tour some of the most beautiful scenery in the world in South Africa.
  • Honduras | March 7th - 10th
    Visit the RetailROI trips in Plan Escalon that were presented at SuperSaturday and help do updates on computer labs, provide retail education and support of micro-businesses and share our business and life experience with kids hungry to learn. The trip will also include a trip to distribute food and medicine to poorest communities in the mountain in the Life in Action trip which is always a highlight.
  • Dominican Republic | April 17th - 22nd
    This trip will be to service and do makeovers of the classrooms at Herrera School. It will be a mixture of work and play with the kids as well as a vision trip on how RetailROI can help the school to the next level.
  • Zambia | June 7th - 13th
    Join us on a trip to see an incredible school and business program in Zambia. This trip will include significant time with the kids, updating computers, helping with business skills and adding value to the incredible fruit and vegetable business as they sell products to national and multinational supermarket chains. Great opportunities for retailers and grocers in particular to transfer business skills. Trip will include visit to Victoria Falls and a Game Drive/Safari with lions, giraffes, wildebeest…yeah, the real thing.
  • Honduras | June27th - July 1st
    (Bring the teens) A second summer trip that is designed to help RetailROI team members learn about Plan Escalon and bring their teen age kids. There will be sports, a trip to Mayan Ruins, a visit of a coffee plantations and the trip will also include a trip to distribute food and medicine to poorest communities in the mountains.
  • Bolivia | July 2nd - 9th
    Vision trip to review the work of LifeSong and to consider computer lab and other projects, brainstorm and discuss future orphan care work.
  • Ethiopia | Oct 24th - 30th
    Review/Refresh ROI computer lab for primary school. Review opportunities for new high school and residential facility.
  • Liberia | Nov 7th - 11th.
    In this trip we will visit 4 different RetailROI locations where we have existing projects. This will be more of a vision trip and brainstorming trip than an install trip. There will be some computer update and training time, but a lot of interaction with the children, particularly at 2 of the projects where the children are residents.

Trips/Country Info

Please use our form to contact us about a trip or how to help a country

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